Tuning, cleaning and maintenance of organs
Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning including reconstruction

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Tunings of all kinds
Wether it is a continuo or a cathedral organ, from meantone to equal temperament, I am able to tune your instrument
into the pitch required.

Cleaning and maintenance
To establish an adequate stability of the value of an organ, regular cleaning is necessary. How often this is required depends
on the degree of dirtiness of your instrument. This again depends on the kind of place, in which your organs is located,
the furnishings, windows that leak or let in a daught, the sort of heating system etc.
Dirty organs have an improper pitch. The reeds do more "rattle" than produce efficient sound.
My cleaning offers to thoroughly remove the dirt from the pipes, to take apart the reed pipes
(the shallots will be trued and the reeds cleaned).

Cleaning including reconstruction
For cheap or soundwise no more sufficient organs I might come interesting compromises or innovations which will adapt
those instruments to the modern idea of sounds.
Foe example: until a few years ago, nobody liked strings and nicks. High pitched mixtures, many mutations and a very straight
overtone sound were popular. Nowadays a smooth, root note oriented organ sound, strings and celestes are requested again.
The useful replacemant of single stops would be a solution.
In most cases, this kind of organ is too closely scaled, too, and so a changing of the position of the pipes will give you
a smooth powerful new sound.

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