Voicing for organ manufacturers
Voicing of new organs
Post-voicing of cleaned and generally overhauled organs of every style

List of services

Voicing of new organs
I offer the complete work schedule required concerning the voicing of newly built organs.
If requested, I also take care of creating all scales and then look after your project from the stage of planning
until the general tuning at the end of the voicing.

Post- and Re-Voicing

As a result of my varied experience I can also carry out re-voicings of any kind.
I am able, for example, to competently free organs from the late romantic period from wellmeant neo-baroque changes
and accessoires and thus restore the original sound pattern.
In addition, I can offer you competent solutions to the various problems regarding the dissatisfying sound dimensions
of the period between the 50ies and the early 80ies.

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